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This server contains some on-line applications and other data from our Institute for Sensors and Electronics (previously: Institute of Microelectronics).

We are still building this site up; more will come later.

Companion application to the paper "Measuring a small number of samples, and the 3σ fallacy"

(Paper by Hanspeter Schmid and Alex Huber, IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 52-58, 2014.)

"3 sigma" web application

PDF version of the paper

Signal-flow graphs

Video course

Collection of circuits with their signal-flow graphs

"Analysis of switched-capacitor circuits using driving-point signal-flow graphs", Schmid, H. & Huber, A. Analog Integr Circ Sig Process (2018) 96: 495.

"A tutorial to switched-capacitor noise analysis by hand", Schmid, H., Eichelberger, L. & Huber, A. Analog Integr Circ Sig Process (2016) 89: 249.